4 New Smart Home Product Categories to Watch

By April 28, 2017No Comments

Just because a home is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have futuristic features like its larger counterparts. And as we see smart home tech become prevalent in the mainstream and tiny homes rise in popularity, it makes sense to pair the two.

Intel seems to agree, too. The company partnered with Minim Homes and Kyle Schuneman to create what they’re calling a “Living Lab” where they can test Intel’s new Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Typically, tiny homes lack smart home tech because of space constraints, not because their owners don’t need or want the technology. It’s not always feasible to create room for large smart home gadgets in such a small space. Intel set out to defy that. You can tour the company’s smart home here.

What we took from Intel’s tour is how smart home tech needs vary from a large, single-family house to a tiny home. So what are some popular gadgets we’re seeing in tiny homes? Read on to find out!

Security/Home Access

Security in a tiny home is crucial, especially depending on where it’s located. The Intel home features facial recognition technology to unlock the front doors, which provides convenience but also a safety element, as it serves as a camera and lets you see who’s at your door. Plus, you can program it to allow service people (i.e. plumber, cable/Wi-Fi installer, etc.) to gain access when you’re not even home.


Lighting plays a bigger role in tiny homes than most people realize. It can make spaces appear larger, create separation between spaces, provide convenience when you’re living so close to another person and more. For example, let’s say you want to stay up and read a book while your housemate wants to go to sleep. Specific smart lighting can appease both parties. In addition to offering convenience, lighting can also be programmed at lower levels to use less energy and save more money.

Climate Control

A small space can heat up or cool down very quickly. To keep a comfortable temperature, you can integrate your thermostat with your fans, blinds or even window tinting. And again, you can do this all from your smart home device that also controls everything else in the home.


Tiny home life is all about downsizing and simplifying. So if the owners of tiny homes can get away with using a smart device to control their TV instead of the typical four remotes, they’re going to do it! It will mean less clutter and easier control over their entertainment throughout the space.

If you owned a tiny home, what smart home features would you make sure you included? Let us know by leaving a comment below!